2021 Flying Season Opens


Seven of our club members and one guest met at our field today and enjoyed a great day of flying. With the winds between 4 and 8 miles per hour and unlimited visibility, many planes were flown today without difficulty or mishaps.


Stephen Yanacek soloed today with his HobbyZone AeroScout S, then performed a second solo flight. Our guest, Destin Tomblin, performed a flight with the club's HobbyZone J-3 Cub and a second flight with Stephen Yanacek's AeroScout S under the supervision of flight instructors Steve Smith and Peter Fynn. Jim Davis performed a good flight with his Sig Four-Star that he converted to electric power this past winter. Peter Fynn then treated everyone with a scale flight of his large PA-12 which ended in a superb landing. Grant Dick flew his F4U Corsair once again thrilling all with his aerobatic skills. Steve Smith performed at least one flight with his “Red Baron” nitro-powered monoplane. Jim Shiels brought and flew number of smaller electric-powered airplanes—all of which performed well. Grant Dick, Jim Davis, and Peter Fynn ended the day's flight operations with flights on additional aircraft that each brought to the field.

Open House and Cookout at the Field


Seven of our members attended and hosted a Club Fly and Cookout event on November 7, 2020 at our flying field and it was a great success with 18 guests in attendance.


It was a perfect day to fly with temperatures in the 70s, unlimited visibility, and winds about eight miles per hour.


All guests desiring to try their hand at flying a radio control aircraft were able to do so, thanks to the skills of our three flight instructors, Jim Davis, Steve Smith, and Grant Dick. Our instructors utilized the club's two trainer aircraft and Robert Yanacek's very popular E-flite Valiant 480E, and all of our first-time fliers performed very well and without incident. Those flying for the first time today included Sabrina Henry, Peter Yanacek, Abigail Longano, and Avery Garberina.


About noon, our members and guests were treated to a lunch of hot dogs and refreshments thanks to the efforts of Stephen and Peter Yanacek who manned the grill. Grant Dick then thrilled those attending with his superb skills piloting his electric-powered F4U-1D Corsair. His demonstration included low-level high speed passes, stalls, inverted flight and the usual aerobatic rolls and loops. Jim Davis also performed a number of parachute and candy drops with his nitro-powered Piper J-3 Cub to the pleasure of our younger guests. Our newest member, Stephen Yanacek, was also able to conduct a maiden flight with his HobbyZone AeroScout S under the supervision of flight Instructor, Grant Dick. Jim Davis' flight with his B-25 Mitchell unfortunately was short-lived, due to the loss of an engine on takeoff, however the aircraft was recovered intact with only minor damage.


Overall, we had a great time flying, socializing, and sharing our passion of radio control aviation with all those in attendance.

New Flyers Enjoy Radio Control Aviation


We had a great day of flying at our field on October 24, 2020! With ideal weather conditions, seven of our club's members began flight operations at 10AM. In addition to our members, we had 15 guests of all ages visit with us, and everyone wishing to try their hand at flying a radio control aircraft were given an opportunity to do so, under the supervision of our seasoned flight instructors Jim Davis and Steve Smith.


To the surprise of some of our older members, the young first-time fliers performed incredibly well and without any incidents or crashes—which we suspect was the result of very well-developed hand and eye coordination provided through their familiarity with video gaming. Regardless of the reason, we were all very pleased to offer our first-time fliers the experience and thrill of radio control flight!


Our next event at the field will be held on Saturday, November 7th at 10AM. Once again, we will be flying a variety of model aircraft, offering free flight instruction to those wanting to give it a try, and will be providing free hot dogs, soft drinks, and chips for those attending.

Club Fly a Fun Time for All!


We had a great time at our Club Fly on October 10, 2020. Despite the overcast weather conditions, the wind velocity was only about 8mph--ideal for flying. Seven aircraft were at the field today, both gas and electric powered. Jim Davis, Robert Yanacek, Steve Smith, and Stephen Yanacek attended and flew many flights. We also had the pleasure to meet Curt Merrill and his young daughter, who joined us at the field today to learn about the world of model aviation.


Under the supervision of our flight instructors two new pilots, Stephen Yanacek and Curt Merrill, had the opportunity to fly for the first time today and one of our beginner pilots continued his training. All three flew well without any incidents crashes.


Our next flying event at the field will be on Saturday, October 24th, beginning at 10AM. We encourage all those interested in leaning more about flying radio control aircraft to come out to the field or contact us.

Labor Day 2020


On September 7, 2020 Jim Davis, Steven Smith, Jim Shiels, and Robert Yanacek met at our flying field to perform some maintenance and enjoy the remainder of the day flying.


Our day began at 9AM with Robert and Steve cutting and trimming the grass on the field and surrounding areas. Both Jim Davis and Jim Shiels arrived about an hour and a half later and evaluated our building that is used to store our mowing equipment for repairs and improvements. Robert also installed a replacement windsock--a much needed repair.


Flight operations commenced about noon, with each of our members taking turns flying various aircraft. Under the watchful eyes of instructor Jim Davis, student pilot Robert Yanacek also performed a maiden flight on his E-flite Valiant 480E.


Local residents interested in learning more about model aviation, our club, or desiring to learn to fly a radio control aircraft are welcome to contact us for additional information.

Girl Scout Troop 2603 at the Flying Field


We invited the girl scouts from Troop 2603 to come out to our model airplane flying field to demonstrate what these flying model planes are all about. We gave demonstrations of gas and electric flight, plus a drone too! We set up a buddy box system and let everyone have a turn at flying a model airplane. The weather did not cooperate and it was windy making flying a little difficult but the girls did very well and all had fun! Lunch consisted of grilled hotdogs, chips, brownies, water and sodas. We had a great turn out, despite the windy weather. There were 13 girls from the scouts and three adults--Amy, Ashley and Danielle! This was a great day for the flyers to end the 2017 flying season.

2016 Youth Aviation Day Dare County Airport


National Aviation Day 2016 with "Dare County RC Flyers." A static display of some of our club's model airplanes for people to see up close and in there different stages of assembly! We displayed Information for and about our club and the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Our President, Jim Davis, flew two flights with his "Mini Pulse" for a model airplane flight demonstration. Our club passed out balsa glider airplanes to the young kids and we cooked hot dogs and hamburgers. A great day of fun for all! Special thanks to our president, Jim, as well as David, Lynn, Steve and my wife Kathryn!

Some Youth Day Event Pictures!

National Aviation Day 2015

Dare County RC Flyers setup a static display of some of our club's model airplanes for people to see up close and in there different stages of assembly! We displayed Information for and about our club and the Academy of Model Aeronautics! We had planned on some demo model airplane flights but the wind was too much. Balsa glider airplanes were passed out to the young kids. Special thanks to our president Jim, David, Lynn, Steve, and my wife Kathryn!

Some Event Pictures!

More Event Pictures!

Airplane Rides and a Beautiful Bi-Plane

Lynn Walking His Plane Back to His Truck!

Club Officers

President: Jim Davis

Vice President: Robert Yanacek

Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Shiels

Safety Officer: Steven Smith


We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in membership or learning more about us!

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