Club Name

The name of our club is the Dare County RC Flyers, and may also be referred to as the DCRCF.

Club Purpose

The Dare County RC Flyers club promotes radio control model aviation as a sport and recreational activity at the location of the Wright Brothers first flight, the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The club is a self-supporting, non-profit organization chartered by the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA 2691).

Membership Requirements

All DCRCF members are required to be current in their annual membership dues and must register and operate their aircraft in compliance with Federal Aviation Administration regulations. In addition, all DCRCF members are required to be current members of Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), and are required at all times to comply with AMA Flying Field Safety Rules as well as the AMA's National Model Aircraft Safety Code.


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Membership Inquiries

Those interested in becoming members of the DCRCF club, regardless of experience, are eligible and should contact our club president, via e-mail, for further details.


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Applying for Membership

Those desiring to become members of the DCRCF club may do so by completing an application and submitting it, along with the requisite annual membership dues, to the club's secretary/treasurer at the address provided on the application.  Please remember to provide your AMA membership number on the application, as it is required before your application for membership in the DCRCF can be processed.


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Bylaws and Flying Site Safety Regulations

The DCRCF's bylaws and the safety regulations governing our flying field is available at the below link.


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Field Location

The DCRCF flying field is located behind the shotgun range at the Outer Banks Gun Club in Manns Harbor.


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Field Use

The use of our field is limited to current members of the DCRCF. Other flyers, when invited and accompanied by a current member of the DCRCF, may also use our field provided they have a valid AMA membership card in their possession and are in compliance with the regulations prescribed by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Field Maintenance

Maintenance of our flying field is performed by our club members and consists of weekly mowing of the area from April through October. Mowing the field takes approximately 90 minutes and can be a tiring task without the participation of our entire membership. All members are encouraged to share the burden by volunteering to perform mowing at least twice each year. Please contact one of our club officers to obtain a copy of the current schedule and listing of weeks that are available to offer assistance. For your convenience, instructions to assist in performing field maintenance are provided at the link below.


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Aircraft Permitted

The DCRCF is primarily a radio-control aircraft club, however our flying site is suitable for both control-line and free-flight aircraft operations.  However, only AMA-legal aircraft with a weight under 55lbs and a speed under 100mph are permitted as our field is not considered satisfactory for impulse jet, gas turbines, or extremely large scale aircraft. In addition, all internal combustion engines with a displacement of 0.10 cubic inches or greater must be equipped with an effective muffler.

Field Radio Frequency Control

Radio systems operating on 2.4 GHz are preferred. Those not using 2.4GHz systems must announce their frequency to the safety officer and check with all other fliers before turning on any transmitter or aircraft to ensure that not more than one pilot is operating on the same frequency at the same time.

Field Hours

Flying hours at our field are sunrise to sunset, unless further limited by the Outer Banks Gun Club operations.

Field Restrictions

Pets are not permitted at the field, nor is the use of alcohol, drugs, or pyrotechnics.


Club Officers

President: Jim Davis

Vice President: Robert Yanacek

Secretary/Treasurer: Jim Shiels

Safety Officer: Steven Smith


We would be happy to hear from you if you are interested in membership or learning more about us!

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We have made a number of revisions to this website to make it more useful to our members. These include: interactive maps with links to driving directions for our meeting location and flying field; a weather widget displaying current and forecasted conditions, and; a calendar listing all club meetings and events.

Our meeting dates and location has changed, so please take note at the "Meeting Information" link below.

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Field Maintenance

Our flying field mowing schedule for the current year is provided below. This schedule includes an up to date listing of members who have volunteered to assist in this task.

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