Community Outreach

The members of Dare County Radio Control Flyers host and participate in a number of charitable and public education events in support our local community each year. Continue reading to learn more.

Charitable Efforts

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In 2021 our members hosted a "Flying for Good" event in which we invited the public to our field to learn about our club and model aviation. We have hosted similar events in the past, however for this event we requested that all attendees bring at least one non-perishable food item that would be subsequently be donated to our local food bank.

With promotion of the event on multiple Facebook pages and our local newspaper, we conducted a very enjoyable event with 37 attendees of all ages. Our club's flight instructors provided an opportunity for anyone attending to fly at least one time, and over 120-pounds of food items were collected and donated!

The results of this event were so successful, our club decided to host similar events in support of local charities at least once each year. We continued these efforts in 2022 and 2023, and with the assistance of grants from the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation, we hosted even more successful events called the Outer Banks Festival of Model Aviation for the benefit of the Beach Food Pantry.

A short slide-show of our "Flying for Good" efforts is available below for your viewing pleasure.

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Educational Efforts

Dare County Radio Control Flyers participates in a number of local events each year, some of which are related to our unique proximity as the location of the first power flight by the Wright Brothers in 1903. These events have include outreach to educate the public on radio control model aviation at National Aviation Day, the First Flight Celebration, and Youth Aviation Day.

Our club has also provided educational outreach to numerous groups, and to the general public over the years for the purpose of promoting radio control model aviation. These events typically include permitting those who have never flown a radio control aircraft the opportunity to do so, with the assistance of one of our club's flight instructors.

Memories from some of these are available in the slide-show below.

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We Can Help

If you represent a local group that could benefit from our club's charitable or educational outreach efforts, we would like to hear from you to disucss any ideas you have. Please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to discuss how we as a club may be able to assist you.

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