Flying Field Information and Map

Our flying field provides our members with a safe environment to conduct radio control flight operations. The field consists of a 400-foot grass runway with associated grass-covered areas to taxi, perform maintenance, and safely observe flight operations.

Flying field aerial photograph

Flying field photograph set

Flying Field Location

The club's flying field is located adjacent to the skeet range area within the Outer Banks Gun Club at 1521 Link Road, 1½ miles south of the intersection of U.S. Highways 64 and 264 in Manns Harbor, North Carolina. A fully interactive satellite map displaying the precise location of our flying field is provided below, along with a link to obtain driving directions.

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Field Coordinates and Elevation

The coordinates of our flying field in decimal degrees is: latitude 35.837345; longitude -75.815189.

The coordinates of our flying field in degrees, minutes, and seconds is: latitude 35° 50' 14.44'' N; longitude 75° 48' 54.68'' W.

The elevation of our flying field is 3.3 feet above sea level.

Flying Field Use

The use of our field is limited to current club members and their guests. Members of other AMA-chartered clubs may use the field when invited and accompanied by a current club member, along with proof of valid AMA membership.

Hours of Operation

Flying field hours of operation are from 9:00AM to 5:00PM, unless further limited by the Outer Banks Gun Club operations.

Field Access and Parking

Once in the parking lot of the gun club, follow the road just past the pavilion on your left, then veer to the left onto the gravel and dirt road. Continue on this road past the skeet range that will be on your left and drive through the gap in the tree-line. Once through the tree-line, you have arrived at our flying field. When entering the field, be watchful for low-flying aircraft and yield to any that are observed. Proceed along the perimeter of the field to the western side to park. See the accompanying photograph that illustrates the field access and designated parking area.

Flying field access map

Documents Required

All pilots using our flying field must have in their possession, a valid Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) membership card, a valid Federal Aviation Administration small UAS certificate of registration, and a valid Federal Aviation Administration Recreational UAS safety test (TRUST) completion card. These documents must be presented for examination if requested by a club officer.


The safe operation of aircraft at our flying field is our paramount concern. All pilots must comply with the AMA's National Model Aircraft Safety Code, our club's flying field operational and safety rules, and all existing Federal Aviation Administration regulations.

Aircraft Marking

All aircraft being operated at our flying field must me marked with the owner's Federal Aviation Administration UAS operator registration number on an outer surface of the aircraft.

Aircraft Permitted

Dare County Radio Control Flyers is primarily a radio control aircraft club, however our flying site is suitable for both control-line and free-flight aircraft operations. However, only aircraft with a weight under 55lbs and a speed under 100 miles per hour are permitted as our field is not considered satisfactory for impulse jet, gas turbines, or extremely large scale aircraft.

Radio Frequency Control

Our club prefers and encourages its members to use of radio systems operating on the 2.4GHz band. Those not using 2.4GHz broad spectrum systems must inform the safety officer of the frequency they intend to use. They must then check with all other fliers at the field, prior to powering-on any transmitters or receivers, to ensure that not more than one pilot is operating on the same frequency at the same time.

Noise Abatement

All internal combustion engines with a displacement of 0.10 cubic inches or greater must be equipped with an effective muffler.


The use of alcoholic beverages, drugs, and pyrotechnic devices are strictly prohibited. In addition, pets are not permitted at the field.

Field Maintenance

Maintenance of our flying field is performed by our club members and consists of weekly mowing of the area from April through October. All members are highly encouraged to share in this task by volunteering to perform mowing at least twice each year. Please consult our current mowing schedule to see which weeks are available, then contact one of our club officers to have your name added to our schedule.

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Performing Mowing

Mowing the field requires only the use of the club's riding lawnmower that is located in our storage shed. Mowing the entire site takes approximately two hours and, when possible, should be performed on a Thursday or Friday to ensure that the field is in optimal condition for flying on the weekend. Those who have never operated a riding lawnmower or mowed our field will be assisted in learning by a club member. Please contact a club officer should you require this assistance. Instructions regarding the operation of our mower are provided at the link below.

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