Radio Control Aviation for Educators

If you are an educator or the leader of a youth group, we feel that affording your students or youth group the ability to learn about radio control aviation can prove to be a excellent educational opportunity!

Radio Control Aviation as a Teaching Tool

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Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are crucial for the development of our youth, communities, and nation. Radio control model aviation requires the application of many disciplines to be successful, and it is an activity that is perfectly suited to teaching these principles in a fun, challenging, and exciting way. Some of these disciplines include electronics, computer programming, aeronautics, aerodynamics, propulsion, mathematics, and even meteorology. For example, the ability for an aircraft to fly and be maneuvered is governed by the laws of physics and requires an understanding about what makes it possible, and exactly how it works. The ability to control our aircraft through the use of a wireless radio signal is yet another example that can appeal to a young person's natural curiosity and can be utilized as an effective and hands-on teaching tool. The possibilities for educators and youth group leaders to teach in an interesting and fun way are as boundless as the sky with radio control aviation!

Our Role in Education

Part of our club's mission is to promote radio control aviation, and one of the most rewarding ways for us to do that is through public education. Over the years we have participated in many events geared towards educating our youth, and we invite you to see a short slide-show of some of these activities.

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Get Started

If you are an educator or the leader of a youth group and would like to learn more about introducing the young people entrusted to your care to this wonderful activity, we will be pleased to assist you. You can tailor the integration of radio control aviation into your curriculum to meet the needs of your students or group. Please contact us for further information, and we will be happy to discuss with you how we as a club can assist you to advance the education of our youth by introducing them to the thrill and challenges of radio control model aviation.

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