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We hope you enjoy viewing this page of our photograph album as much as we had making these memories. The album includes photographs taken over the past years and are separated by event. By selecting an event's photograph, you will be able to view a slide show presentation for the event.

Flying Before Hurricane Ian: 09/27/22

With Hurricane Ian approaching the gulf coast of Florida, five members and two guests decided to take advantage of the low winds and cool temperatures to meet for a day of flying.

As usual, many flights were performed by those present, but the highlight of the day, as always, was getting a student into the air for the first time. Today, under the supervision of instructor Peter Fynn, Mike Kirkpatrick flew for the first time. Mike did really well and performed five flights with Peter's Turbo Timber Evolution. We hope that Mike will become a club member and continue to fly with us.

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Fun Fly: 08/21/22

Due to very low winds and moderate temperatures, five club members got together on short notice to enjoy a perfect day for flying at our field.

Many flights were flown throughout the day and all aircraft were recovered without damage, making a perfect day even better.

DSCF0485 DSCF0486 DSCF0487 DSCF0488 DSCF0490 DSCF0491 DSCF0492 DSCF0493 DSCF0496 DSCF0502 DSCF0503 DSCF0505 DSCF0506 DSCF0507 DSCF0509 DSCF0510 DSCF0511 DSCF0512 DSCF0513

2022 National Aviation Day: 08/19/22

Nine of our club members set up a display of model aircraft for visitors at the 2022 National Aviation Day at the county's regional airport in Manteo. This event is hosted annually by the First Flight Society to celebrate Orville Wright's birthday and included a collection of full-size aircraft and displays by various aviation-related organizations.

Dare County Radio Control Flyers participated by educating the public about the club, the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and the hobby through a static display of model aircraft and a number of flight demonstrations.

DSCF0473 DSCF0474 DSCF0475 DSCF0476 DSCF0477 20220819_112929 20220819_112936 20220819_113237 20220819_114827 20220819_121740 DSCF0478 DSCF0480 DSCF0481 DSCF0482 DSCF0483 DSCF0484 20220819_130305 IMG_1708 IMG_1709 IMG_1710

2022 National Model Aviation Day: 08/13/22

Eight club members and two guests met at our flying field to celebrate the AMA's annual National Model Aviation Day.

Flight operations were a bit limited due to high wind gusts, however our members used their time at the field to paint our new storage shed and move our windsock to its new location on the western side of the field. Following these efforts, attendees were treated to a lunch consisting of soft drinks, chips, and hot dogs that were prepared using the club's new grill.

shed1 shed2 shed3 DSCF0468

Pilot's Breakfast: 07/30/22

Philip Garey, Grant Dick, Robert Yanacek, Stephen Yanacek, Rusty Kennedy, Charlie Doss, and Jim Davis met for breakfast today at the Jolly Roger restaurant in Kill Devil Hills. Of special note is that one of our members, Rusty Kennedy, came down from Poquoson, Virginia to discuses his role at the Academy of Model Aeronautics, and as chairman at the Academy of Model Aeronautics Foundation.


Freedom Fly: 07/04/22

Although wind conditions were not ideal, Jim Davis, Robert Yanacek, Richard Boyd, Stephen Yanacek, and Peter Fynn met at our field for a few hours of flying to celebrate Independence Day.

A number of flights were flown by Jim Davis with his Mini Pulse, Stephen Yanacek with his AeroScout S, and Richard Boyd with his Apprentice S before heading home looking forward to better flying conditions next weekend.

DSCF0444 DSCF0451 DSCF0452 DSCF0454 DSCF0455 DSCF0456 DSCF0457 DSCF0460 DSCF0462 DSCF0463 DSCF0464 DSCF0465

Club Fly: 06/25/22

With temperatures in the mid-70s, Robert Yanacek, Stephen Yanacek, Richard Boyd, Peter Fynn, and Philip Garey met at our field to fly and enjoy the beautiful day. They were also joined at the field by Steve Musil, who came to give radio control model aviation a try.

Flight operations included many sorties by all including Richard Boyd conducting a maiden flight with his new Carbon Z-Cub SS and Peter Fynn thrilling everyone with a maiden flight of his gas-powered Stampe-Vertongen SV.4 biplane. Peter's second flight with his biplane was even more exciting when he performed a textbook "dead-stick" landing after his fuel became exhausted.

The highlight of everyone's day was, of course, letting our guest perform his first flight. Under Stephen Yanacek's instruction, Steve Musil performed two flights with Philip Garey's AeroScout S and successfully landed both times! We hope to see him back at our field in the near future.

20220625_095708 20220625_095735 20220625_111554 20220625_111601 DSCF0400 DSCF0402 DSCF0403 DSCF0404 DSCF0405 DSCF0407 DSCF0409 DSCF0410 DSCF0411 DSCF0412 DSCF0413 DSCF0415 DSCF0416 DSCF0417 DSCF0418 DSCF0419 DSCF0420 DSCF0421 DSCF0423 DSCF0424 DSCF0426 DSCF0427 DSCF0428 DSCF0429 DSCF0430 DSCF0432 DSCF0433 DSCF0435 DSCF0437 DSCF0438 DSCF0439 DSCF0440

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