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Outer Banks Festival of Model Aviation: 10/15/22

Under clear blue skies and with temperatures in the low 70s, Dare County Radio Control Flyers hosted an event to educate local Outer Banks residents about model aviation as a recreational activity. The event was well-attended by thirty-nine guests and nine members who provided admission in the form of at least one non-perishable food item per attendee that the club will donate to our local food pantry.

Nine club members worked at the event in various roles to make it a safe, rewarding, and enjoyable event for all. Allen Massey, Virgil Kee, and Robert Yanacek greeted, checked-in and socialized with our guests while Stephen Yanacek, Grant Dick, Peter Fynn, and Philip Garey worked to instruct and supervise our first-time guest flyers. Our club president, Jim Davis, supervised the overall event, assisted as needed, and performed a few flights demonstrating high-speed aerobatics.

Twenty-two of our guests took advantage of the opportunity to try flying a radio control airplane for the first time, under the watchful eyes of one of the club's four flight instructors. All those who flew, including a youngster who was just seven years old, flew very well and without incident.

Around noon our grillmaster, Charlie Doss, prepared and hosted lunch for our guests and members, consisting of hamburgers, hot dogs, chips, and beverages. Charlie did a noteworthy job and made sure that everyone was well-fed.

Following lunch, flight operations continued until 4PM. Our club then conducted a drawing to determine the winner of our first-time flyer raffle. The winner was Harold Blakney who claimed his prize consisting of a ready-to-fly AeroScout airplane, and one-year memberships to Dare County Radio Control Flyers and the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Three other tickets were drawn as "runners-up" and these guests will be notified shortly that they will receive a one-year membership to the AMA, provided they commit to continue pursuing model aviation by applying for membership to our club.

A second raffle was also held for a ready-to-fly Valiant airplane that included a one-year AMA membership. Tickets for this raffle were made available to our guests for purchase with the understanding that if their ticket was selected, they would become a club member. The winner of this raffle was Mile Kirkpatrick who was present and has claimed his prize.

Following the event, club president, Jim Davis, met Elisabeth Silverthorne, executive director of the Beach Food Pantry to drop off non-perishable food items and cash donations that was collected. Elisabeth reported that our donation was enough to provide 350 meals—enough to feed eight people for two weeks! We wish to once again thank those who visited with us and donated to this worthy organization that does so much to assist local residents in need.

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