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We hope you enjoy viewing the eleventh page of our photograph album as much as we had making these memories. The album includes photographs taken over the past years and are separated by event. By selecting an event's photograph, you will be able to view a slide show presentation for the event.

Club Fly: 07/24/21

Seven of our club members met at the field to conduct flight operations in almost perfect flying conditions. In addition to our members, we also had one guest, Matt Sweeley, who attended our event. Unfortunately, our photographer had to depart earlier than usual, so the photographs only document a few of the flights that were flown before 11AM.

New Member Flies at the Field: 07/10/21

Seven club members and one guest meet today at our flying field to fly an assortment of airplanes. With winds at virtually nil, it was a near-perfect day to fly.

Peter Fynn continued to amaze us with his skill in scale flying his PA-12 and Tigermoth, while at the other end of the spectrum, Jim Davis thrilled all with his high speed aerobatic display.

We also had the pleasure of meeting our newest member, Jeff Pittman. Jeff brought his E-flite Valiant, and its maiden flight was performed by Peter Fynn. After some adjustments, Jeff was able to fly his aircraft. Unfortunately, on his last flight of the day, Jeff crashed his Valiant when it lost power and nose-dived into the ground.

Steve Smith brought his large Beechcraft Model-17 Staggerwing, but was unable to fly it due to a number of mechanical malfunctions he detected on his pre-flight checklist. Unfortunately, another problem with his 1400mm Kunai cost him the aircraft when its rudder parted in-flight, resulting in its loss.

Despite the pain of losing two aircraft, we had a great time enjoying the outdoors, each others company, and flying our planes.

Jet Age Arrives at the Field: 06/26/21

Eight of our members participated in a series of many flights today at our field in Manns Harbor. The wind was challenging with velocities higher than predicted, however all of our pilots performed well, enjoyed the flying and camaraderie, and brought their aircraft home without damage.

Matthew Huggins flew for the first time with our club and displayed excellent control and aerobatic skills with his DHC-2 Beaver. Matthew's maiden flight of his Freewing F-18 Hornet was stunning, but cut short when he lost his plane's motor in a puff of smoke after pushing his throttle wide open. Nonetheless, he was able to perform a beautiful dead-stick landing and recover his aircraft intact.

Other members flying today were: Peter Fynn; Stephen Yanacek; Allen Massey; Robert Yanacek; and Jim Davis.

Memorial Day Fly: 05/31/21

Steve Smith, Grant Dick, and Allen Massey met at our field today to conduct a number of flights in honor of those who gave their lives in the service of our country.

The planes flown included Steve's Ugly Stick (AKA "Red Baron"), Grant's F4U-1D Corsair, and Allen's E-flite Extra 300.

New Member Solos at Club Fly: 05/22/21

With unlimited visibility and wind not in excess of 7 miles per hour, four of our club members flew today at our field.

Stephen Yanacek, Allen Massey, Grant Peacock, and Robert Yanacek flew over 20 individual flights. Of special note was that Grant Peacock performed his first unassisted landing today flying Robert Yanacek's Valiant, while being supervised by Stephen Yanacek.

We had a great time today, and invite you to join us at the field in the near future!

May Club Fly: 05/15/21

We had another great day at the flying field today with nine of our club members and three guests in attendance. With winds between 10 and 12 miles per hour and unlimited visibility, many flights were flown by our members and guests.

We also welcomed a new member, Allen Massey, to our club today. Allen had flown radio control planes in the past, and despite a 20 year hiatus, he performed two flights very well with Robert Yanacek's popular Valiant aircraft. Allen also brought his new plane, a beautiful E-flite Extra 300, to the field for "show and tell."

It was also an eventful day for another one of our newer members, Grant Peacock, who performed his first and second flights under the supervision of flight instructors Jim Davis and Steve Smith. Grant, who hails from Australia, was amazed at the technological innovations that made his flights enjoyable and successful.

Our father and son team of Rick and Kevin Gadzalinski brought their new E-flite Carbon Cub S2 for its maiden flight, and both of them performed a number of flights and did very well.

Stephen Yanacek conducted four flights today and successfully performed aerobatic maneuvers with his AeroScout S including aileron rolls and loops.

Robert Yanacek, Steve Smith, and Jim Davis also flew well without any crashes or incidents.

Overall, we had a wonderful day enjoying the outdoors, the camaraderie of our fellow club members, and our passion for radio control flying!

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