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We hope you enjoy viewing this page of our photograph album as much as we had making these memories. The album includes photographs taken over the past years and are separated by event. By selecting an event's photograph, you will be able to view a slide show presentation for the event.

Fun Fly: 02/24/24

Nine of our club members met for breakfast this morning to discuss our modeling activities and to decide if weather conditions would be suitable for flying. Following breakfast, Robert Yanacek, Pete Carros, Jim Davis, John Watkins, Mike Kirkpatrick, and Peter Fynn headed to the field to fly and were joined there by Richard Boyd, Stephen Yanacek, Brandon Fregans, and Gavin Fregans.

Conditions at the field proved to be good with low winds and temperatures in the mid-50s, so our members immediately commenced flight operations. Many sorties were flown, including Jim Davis and Pete Carros trying out their FliteTest Spitfires that they recently completed for our upcoming pylon racing event. Peter Fynn also conducted a well-performed maiden flight with his new brightly-colored Pilatus PC-6 Porter. One of our younger members, Gavin Fregans, flew his Apprentice S2 and impressed everyone with his skill as a pilot.

The highlight of the day was getting our newest member, John Waktins, into the air for his first flight. Assisted by instructor, Stephen Yanacek, John flew Robert Yanacek's Valiant well, and performed his first takeoff. Stephen then assisted John in conducting a maiden flight with his new yellow and silver Carbon Cub S2.

With the threat of impending rain, our pilots departed the field after about three hours, however we are all looking forward to meeting very soon to fly again.

IMG_3855 IMG_3859 IMG_3864 IMG_3865 IMG_3867 IMG_3868 IMG_3869 IMG_3870 IMG_3871 IMG_3872 IMG_3874 IMG_3876 IMG_3877 IMG_3879 IMG_3880 IMG_3881 IMG_3882 IMG_3884 IMG_3885 IMG_3886 IMG_3887 IMG_3888 IMG_3889 IMG_3890 IMG_3891 IMG_3892 IMG_3894 IMG_3895 IMG_3897 IMG_3898 IMG_3899 IMG_3900 IMG_3901 IMG_3903 IMG_3904 IMG_3907 IMG_3909 IMG_3910

Pilot's Breakfast: 02/17/24

High wind gusts grounded our pilot's once again today, but that didn't stop us from getting together for breakfast and discussion about our current projects and activities at the Jolly Roger Restaurant.

Attending our pilot's breakfast today were: Jim Davis; David Fynn; Skip Wescott; Robert Yanacek; Peter Fynn; Jim Shiels, and; John Silva.


Electric Powerplant Workshop: 02/15/24

Eight club members met this evening for the third of our "Tech Talk" workshops to learn about the electric powerplants for model aircraft.

Peter Fynn and Jim Shiels provided the instruction for this evening's workshop, and our members were able to learn about the factors and calculations involved in selecting the correct motor, electronic speed controller, and propeller for an aircraft.

Our next "Tech Talk" workshop is scheduled for March 21 and all members are encouraged to attend to lean more about our hobby during our non-flying season.

IMG_3835 IMG_3836 IMG_3837 IMG_3838 IMG_3839 IMG_3840 IMG_3841

First Club Fly of 2024: 02/10/24

Jim Davis, Stephen Yanacek, Skip Wescott, Mike Alexander, Robert Yanacek, Mike Kirkpatrick, Pete Carros, Peter Fynn, and Jim Shiels met for breakfast today at the Jolly Roger Restaurant to discuss our recent projects and to decide whether the conditions were favorable for flying.

Following breakfast, six of our nine pilots decided to head to the field to fly. Although the field was damp due to rain overnight, the conditions for flying were very good and we had an added bonus of temperatures in the mid-60s.

At the field, we were joined by Richard Boyd and commenced flying. Today's flying activities were somewhat unusual, as Mike Alexander, Jim Shiels, Richard Boyd, and Jim Davis all brought and flew ultra-micro planes. Highlights included Pete Carros conducting maiden flights on two planes he recently completed, Richard Boyd's flights with his T-28 Trojan, Stephen Yanacek flawlessly flying his RV-7, Jim Davis flying his recently-repaired King Cobra, and Robert Yanacek's flight with his Valiant.

As the day was ending our newest member, John Watkins, arrived to watch the activities, having been delayed from doing so earlier by a personal commitment. Nonetheless, we were glad to see John and we hope to get him into the air next time we meet to fly.

IMG_3776 IMG_3778 IMG_3779 IMG_3780 IMG_3782 IMG_3783 IMG_3784 IMG_3786 IMG_3788 IMG_3796 IMG_3798 IMG_3799 IMG_3800 IMG_3801 IMG_3802 IMG_3804 IMG_3806 IMG_3807 IMG_3809 IMG_3810 IMG_3813 IMG_3816 IMG_3818 IMG_3820 IMG_3825 IMG_3826 IMG_3828 IMG_3829 IMG_3830

Pilot's Breakfast: 02/03/24

High wind gusts on the Outer Banks prevented flying today, however nine club members and one guest met instead for discussion about our club and model aviation over breakfast at the Jolly Roger Restaurant.

Attending were: Grant Dick; Mike Kirkpatrick; Charlie Doss; Peter Fynn; Robert Yanacek; Jim Davis; John Watkins; Pete Carros; Skip Wescott, and; John Silva.


Pilot's Breakfast with New Member Prospect: 01/27/24

Eight of our club members and one guest met today for our popular pilot's breakfast at the Jolly Roger Restaurant in Kill Devil Hills for our usual discussions about model aviation.

Our guest, John Watkins, recently contacted us to learn more about the hobby and club membership, and since conditions at the field were too wet due to the recent volume of rain, we decided to meet as a group to provide him with information and encouragement.

Attending today were: John Watkins; Peter Fynn; Stephen Yanacek; John Silva; Robert Yanacek; Grant Dick; Pete Carros; Skip Wescott, and; Mike Kirkpatrick.

We hope that John enjoyed our company and discussions, and we look forward to having him join our club soon and fly with us.


Aerodynamics Workshop: 01/18/24

Nine of our club members met tonight for the second of our "Tech Talk" workshops to learn about the principals of aerodynamics.

Peter Fynn, Jim Shiels, and Mike Alexander conducted the instruction for this evening's workshop, and our members were able to garner some great information from their experiences and training as engineers and pilots.

Our next "Tech Talk" workshop is scheduled for February 15th and all members are encouraged to attend to lean more about our hobby during our non-flying season.

IMG_3733 IMG_3734 IMG_3735 IMG_9309 IMG_3737 IMG_9313 IMG_3740 IMG_3741 IMG_3745 IMG_3746 IMG_3747

First Pilot's Breakfast in 2024: 01/06/24

With the holidays behind us, six members opened the new year by meeting for breakfast today since the weather was too poor for flying.

Attending were Skip Wescott, Richard Boyd, Robert Yanacek, Peter Fynn, Grant Dick, and Grant Peacock.


Fun Fly: 12/23/23

Taking advantage of low winds and cool temperatures, Peter Fynn, Robert Yanacek, Stephen Yanacek, Richard Boyd, Jim Davis, and Grant Dick met to do some flying before Christmas.

Many sorties were flown with various aircraft including a P-51 Mustang, a Maule M-7, a Cirrus SR-22T, a Turbo Timber, and a Valiant 480E.

Everyone had a great time and all of our pilots departed the field with their aircraft undamaged and with good memories of the day's activities.

IMG_3645 IMG_3646 IMG_3647 IMG_3648 IMG_3649 IMG_3650 IMG_3651 IMG_3652 IMG_3653 IMG_3654 IMG_3655 IMG_3656 IMG_3657 IMG_3658 IMG_3659 IMG_3660 IMG_3661 IMG_3662 IMG_3663 IMG_3664 IMG_3665 IMG_3666 IMG_3667 IMG_3668 IMG_3669 IMG_3670 IMG_3671 IMG_3672 IMG_3674 IMG_3675 IMG_3676 IMG_3677 IMG_3678 IMG_3679 IMG_3680 IMG_3681 IMG_3682 IMG_3684 IMG_3686 IMG_3687 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3690

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